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Abstract Background

Green Hydrogen in MENA - Development with Great Potential

Green hydrogen is entirely sustainable, environmentally friendly, and zero-emission. It is produced by electrolyzing water through an electrolytic cell, and the process is powered by electricity generated from renewable energy sources such as wind or solar energy. It represents the efforts and results achieved in renewable energy expansion and energy efficiency and is essential for achieving sustainable development goals. The application of hydrogen is extensive, and the application
scenarios would be Industry, Household, Transportation, Mobility, Energy Storage, and so on.


After Covid-19, many countries turned their attention to energy and environment and those in the MENA area. With the environmental and market pressure, the efforts and ambitions of MENA in the hydrogen industry are evident because this region has a perfect geographical situation for renewable energy, a mature capital chain, and material and technical conditions. Green hydrogen brings the MENA energy security, employment opportunities, diverse application possibilities,
international exchange, and profit from hydrogen export.


Most countries in the Middle East and North Africa have planned to shift from a fossil economy to a green economy through different government measures. However, the current hydrogen energy plans and policies are not complete. At the same time, relevant companies have also responded to the market and launched many commercial activities and strategies. Currently, only a few countries
have green hydrogen projects in progress or planning. These projects make experimental and exemplary contributions to the development of the region in the future.


It is believed that in the future, more governments and enterprises will invest in related fields. For the MENA region, the focus can be on the generation and transportation of renewable energy.

The improvement of electrolysis technology, storage technology, transportation technology, and complete application helps ensure a sustainable society, an economic profit, and a position as an energy export area.

Specifically, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and Oman are the countries that already have actual operations and significant investments in the hydrogen energy industry.

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