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CGHM Interview:

Air Liquide MENA CEO Discusses Strategic and Potential in MENA

Nicolas Poirot, CEO Africa Middle-East & India at Air Liquide, emphasizes their focus on innovation and meeting customer needs. They aim to expand manufacturing and reduce emissions to address energy transition demands. Poirot sees promising growth opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, thanks to industry diversification. He advises staying humble and open to learning new things.

Editor’s Notes:

In this episode, we discuss…

  • Air Liquide's current strategy

  • Nicolas' main reflection from the event

  • Strategy for MENA region

  • Nicolas' advice - be humble and open

  • Nicolas Poirot

Mr. Nicolas Poirot

CEO Africa Middle-East & India

Air Liquide

Whatever is your success, whatever is your business model, be humble, be ready to learn. Meeting new people, getting new ideas. Diversity is super important.


- Mr. Nicolas Poirot, CEO Africa Middle-East & India, Air Liquide

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