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CGHM Interview:

Harnessing Masdar’s Green Hydrogen Ambition

Are you curious about the future of energy in the MENA region? Join us on this episode of CGHM IMPACT interview as we explore Masdar's leadership in the green hydrogen economy with their Chief Green Hydrogen Officer, Mr. Mohammad Abdelqader El Ramahi. Tune in to this conversation and discover how Masdar is harnessing its green hydrogen ambition to transform the future energy market in the MENA region.

Editor’s Notes:

In this episode, we discuss…

  • The visionary roadmap of Masdar as Abu Dhabi's future energy powerhouse

  • How Masdar positions itself in the green hydrogen economy

  • Why investing in knowledge is crucial for Masdar to remain at the forefront of innovation

  • The importance of nurturing human capital, particularly the next generation of talent…

Mr. Mohammad Abdelqader El Ramahi

Acting Chief Green Hydrogen Officer


When we talk about green hydrogen, we speak about the fuel of the future – one of the key players that will help decarbonize large industries and hard-to-abate sectors. We believe that Abu Dhabi will once again be positioned at the center stage of the energy transition and as a global hub for production and export of green hydrogen.


- Mr. Mohammad Abdelqader El Ramahi, Chief Green Hydrogen Officer, Masdar

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