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CGHM Interview:

thyssenkrupp Urges Quicker Collaboration, Driving the Hydrogen Economy in MENA

thyssenkrupp, the renowned German industrial conglomerate with a rich history spanning two centuries, is making significant strides in the Middle East and Turkey under the leadership of Dr. Malcolm Cook, Senior Vice President of Chemicals & Process Technologies for the region.

Dr. Cook, who oversees sales and business development from the company's Dubai base, shared his insights into thyssenkrupp’s strategic initiatives, particularly in the burgeoning field of hydrogen technology.

Dr. Cook highlighted the company's focus on electrolyser technology and its involvement in ammonia projects, underscoring the crucial role these innovations play in the evolving energy landscape. Stressing the importance of teamwork in advancing the hydrogen economy, he emphasized the urgent need for decarbonization and collective action to tackle climate change.

Editor’s Notes:

In this episode, we discuss…

  • Introduction of thyssenkrupp

  • thyssenkrupp’s strategy in MENA region

  • Reflection after event - collaboration

  • Key suggestion - do it quicker

Malcolm Cook

Senior Vice President, Chemicals & Process Technologies, Middle East & Turkey


The key message for me is collaboration. Collaboration between governments to set the policies, collaboration between companies such as us, collaboration between academia to help develop the technology, and then focusing on what the end consumer wants. So it's that collaborative approach. No one can do it by themselves. We have to move quickly.


- Malcolm Cook, Senior Vice President, Chemicals & Process Technologies, Middle East & Turkey, thyssenkrupp

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