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CGHM Interview:

TAQA Arabia - Bridging Hydrogen for Egypt and Africa

Bridging energy gap in Egypt to that in Africa, TAQA Arab is undertaking their commitment, leveraging renewables and green hydrogen. Join us on this episode of CGHM IMPACT interview as we speak with Mr. Adly Kafafy, VP Africa & New Ventures, TAQA Arabia.

Reporter’s Notes:

In this episode, we discuss…

  • TAQA Arabia’s business operation in Egypt and a wider Africa

  • Role of green hydrogen & TAQA Arabia respective strategy

  • Linking Africa to international market & investments

  • Just start small, but don’t wait..

Mr. Adly Kafafy

VP Africa & New ventures

TAQA Arabia

If all of us wait for the future to come to us, it will not come. We must go to the future. We must have the vision to go to the future. I join my colleagues at the conference to develop hydrogen. It will be small steps for now, but it will be moving forward fast.


Mr. Adly Kafafy, VP Africa & New ventures, TAQA Arabia

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