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CGHM Interview:

MMEC Mannesmann CEO Advocates Collaboration and Strategic Patience in Hydrogen Sector

Eng. Anas Aljuaidi, CEO of MMEC Mannesmann, offered compelling insights into the evolving landscape of the hydrogen sector, highlighting the imperative of accelerated action and strategic collaboration.

Aljuaidi underscored the nuanced challenges facing the hydrogen industry, emphasizing the critical need for expeditious efforts amidst increasing global demand. He emphasized the delicate balance between the urgency for rapid transformation and the necessity of meticulous decision-making processes in this pivotal domain.

A central tenet of Aljuaidi's discourse was the pivotal role of collaboration. He asserted that significant strides could be made through fostering open-mindedness and cultivating cross-sector partnerships, underscoring the potential for collective achievement when stakeholders align towards common objectives.

Despite the formidable obstacles ahead, Aljuaidi maintained an optimistic outlook, urging stakeholders to unite in advancing the goals for 2030 and 2050, while exercising strategic patience throughout the transition process.

Eng. Anas Aljuaidi


MMEC Mannesmann


I'm optimistic. I don't see that we're moving slow. I hope that is we will be able to achieve at least our target for 2030 and 2050. And I'm hundred percent sure the companies and governments and all of the authorities, they will be able to really cooperates together in order to achieve to that. But we need to be patient.


- Eng. Anas Aljuaidi, CEO, MMEC Mannesmann

Editor’s Notes:

In this episode, we discuss…

  • What MMEC has done

  • The key point for any new markets-collaboration

  • Reflection after the event

  • Be optimistic and patient

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